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MobileIron Access & side projects

Work as the design lead in a startup team within MobileIron to launch and build a new product 


Product Problem Statement

Currently I work with a start-up-like team to explore and build a new product – MobileIron Access. Basically, customers use this product to manage their cloud services authentication on mobile devices. 

We launched the product in Q3 2016, and so far we only have 3 production customers and a handful of POC testing customers.

General Challenges we're currently facing: 

  • Figure out the right product value propositions and product-market-fit for this new product with PM, sales and marketing team.   
  • Design and sell this product to two new personas, Business Application Admin and Line of Business Manager; 
  • Explore product use cases for mobile and tablet; 
  • Set priorities among multiple stories in the roadmap VS limited engineering team resources;



Business Strategy 

From the business perspective, we launched this product to grow and expand MobileIron's product offerings. 

MobileIron's core vision and business model is mobile device management. However, with the MDM market slowing down in recent years, we face the challenge to find new business opportunities to grow in the enterprise mobile security market.  

MobileIron Access is a separate subscription-based cloud product from our existing product bundles. Customers are charged by number of user licenses they purchased. 



Users and Audience

Line of Business Manager & Business Application Admin

These are two brand new personas for us since they are typically non-tech-savvy people. They may not know too much about IT, security or mobile technology, but they really care about the cloud app usage and adoption in their business units (Finance, HR, Business Application etc)

Mobility IT admin/operation

For large enterprise companies, there’re usually a few dedicated IT admins focusing on mobile, such as MobileIron admin. They work with other functions inside the IT team, such as network admin, Active Directory admin etc. 

IT managers, CIO and CFO

High-level executives don’t have time to do hands-on IT daily job, but they care more about the holistic MobileIron ROI. 


Team & Stakeholders


Product Manager: 1 product manager

Designer: I’m the sole designer for this product

Engineers: 10 developers and 15 QAs  


Current Design Projects

Since this is a new product we launched about 1 year ago, we need to move fast and deliver fast based on feedback from the field to drive more customers to convert from the POC testing stage to paid customers.  

Dashboard Project

In March, I started working on the Dashboard project for this product. We launched phase 1 – Global Dashboard in April. We had internal feedback about scrolling usability and we plan to add more content. Now it's time for us to step back to have a usability testing before we continue the design iterations and Phase 2 Service Dashboard. 



V1 Dashboard Phase 1: Global Dashboard

V1 Dashboard Phase 2: Service Dashboard

V1 Dashboard Phase 3: Card Customization (reorder, add, remove, save)

V1 Dashboard Phase 3: Custom Dashboard

V1 Dashboard Prototype 


V2 Dashboard Design Concept Based On Internal Feedback (Plan to test in September)


Customer Engagement Workshop

Next month, we will run a Customer Engagement Workshop with 3 production customers. We plan to have a dry-run first with some MobileIron internal stakeholders, such as IT Admin, Business Application Admin, Chief Security Officer and Sales etc.

The purpose of this full-day workshop is to find out gaps between customer pain points and product features in the roadmap, and validate our assumptions for product value props and target users. We'll also do a group whiteboard brainstorm exercise together to generate design concepts for key use cases.  


Personal Side Project 


I always want to choose something different from enterprise products to work on as my side projects.

I recently used SWORKIT app to try the digital training experience on my iPhone, but I gave it up and left the app eventually. I thought about why the user retention didn't work for me, and decided to come up with a hypothesis redesign solution. 


Feeds Design Concept 

Feeds Prototype

Workflow: From Workout to Market 

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