Chen Zhang Design Portfolio


05, 2013 – 01, 2015

As this is my first time to work as a product designer in a tech company – Good Technology ( acquired by BlackBerry in 2015), I spent a lot of time with product managers and user researchers to understand the use cases and pain points for our persona. I also had the opportunity to talk and meet the IT admin, IT managers from various companies to gather insights about our products. These experiences have played an instrumental role in developing my product design skills.  


Good Share

The design challenge is to create an intuitive and robust UI for Good Share web console for IT admins to manage file saving and sharing for the enterprise.  Another design challenge is to enable customers with custom branding in the UI. I worked with a product manager and a user researcher on the use case analysis, user research and testing. I also worked with 2 remote UI developers on the UI implementation. This product was successfully launched in 12, 2013. 

05, 2013 — 12, 2013    Research, Wireframe, Visual Design, Usability Testing 

Dashboard for IT operation persona 
Policy List Page
Custom branding visual concept 
Navigation Design Option 2
Navigation Design Option 2 (collapsing side bar, tablet version)
Navigation Design Option 3
Red-line Spec for UI developers (many pages of PDF documents. tedious to update and sync up)

Mobile App Management in Good Control

Mobile app management (MAM) project is a large-scale complex feature integration with Good Control console. The UX challenge is to design an intuitive UI workflow within the existing GC UX paradigm for multiple app management use cases, such as add an app, update an app, distribute an app / multiple apps, configure app policy for certain users etc. 

I worked with two product managers and a few engineer architects on the UI object diagrams, workflows and wireframes. 

03, 2014 – 01, 2015   research and wireframe