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Design an 80'' inch touch-screen data-visualization system for NFL Network TV show


Problem Statement

In 2013, NFL approached to JUXT to ask for a cutting-edge touchscreen installation solution for their NFL Network TV show.  

Form Factor and its usability 

The screen size is 80'' inch, which none of our team member had experience designing for. This huge screen size also put interesting design challenges on both sides: one is that the TV host should find our UI intuitive to use, the other side is the TV viewers should read texts and graph clearly in front of TV. 

Design for scale

NFL needs a scalable and robust data visualization solution which can update with each game, player and season. 


Users and Audience

NFL TV host

The target TV host is a retired NFL player, and he has big hands and long arms. I still recall the funny moment that he strongly requested to resize the UI buttons bigger in our usability testing session. 

NFL fans  

Sports fans usually watch NFL Network TV show with a big TV in the bar or at home. 


Team & Stakeholders


Creative Team: 1 Creative Director, 1 Art Director, 1 Motion Designer and 1 Designer (myself) 

2 Flash Developers

1 Project Manager


Solution & Design Process

We followed a typical agency design workflow: Conceptual Design – IA and Wireframe Specification – Visual Design – Flash Implementation. As a junior designer in the team, I took part in the whole process to learn and grow my design skills. My main design responsibilities include design interaction wireframes, touchscreen gestures and high-fi visual mockups. 

One unique thing for this project is that we engaged with the NFL client very well and their TV studio is close to our agency, so we had the valuable opportunity to conduct in-person usability testing through our design process. We created clickable prototypes and invited the TV host to use it on the real 80'' inch touchscreen. The TV producers also helped us record a sample TV show video, so that we could play it on the TV to test the TV viewers experience. 

With two on-site testing sessions, we made intentional design detail updates to solve the potential UX issues, such as overall design contrast, font size, button size etc. 


Product Release Impact

The app worked beautifully when it premiered on April 19th 2013 in the NFL Network Fantasy Show.


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