Chen Zhang Design Portfolio

Why VW

Combine motion tracking and reactive touch screen to design an installation for Volkswagen auto show events


Problem Statement

In late 2012, Volkswagen approached to JUXT to ask for a cutting-edge display solution at their auto show events in North America to extend their web campaign — "Why VW". 

Attract Attention 

The target users are the attendees in the auto show. With a noisy and chaotic live auto show environment, it will be a challenge to attract and acquire people to our VW booth, and retain people to interact with our installation. 

Make the experience fun and memorable

Volkswagen is a long-lasting brand for fun and creative lifestyle. Volkswagen has already launched a campaign in 2012 to share the VW values and car owners' stories, and our task is to extend the campaign messages to attendees in the auto show. 

Our target users are the existing VW car owners and the potential VW prospects who want to join the fun VW family. The installation should communicate the VW core value to people to enhance their brand loyalty to Volkswagen. 


Users and Audience

Attendees in auto show 

Existing VW car owners, Potential VW car prospects


Team & Stakeholders


Creative Team: 1 Creative Director, 1 Art Director and 1 Designer (myself) 

2 Flash Developers

Touch-screen hardware vendors 

1 Project Manager


Solution & Design Process

We followed a typical agency design workflow: Conceptual Design – IA and Wireframe Specification – Visual Design – Flash Implementation. The creative team came up with a concept of motion tracking + reactive touch screen installation for Volkswagen.

At that time, X-box Kinect was introduced to the market for some time and the technology of using camera for motion tracking was mature, so this concept solved the first problem to acquire people closer to the VW booth in the noisy auto show context. 

Once people come closer and start to interact with our installation, our goal is to get across the VW stories and values effectively and quickly. Volkswagen provided us with a lot of campaign content of their brand values and car owners' stories. We designed a simple IA map, selected a few representative stories with typical VW images and videos, and designed interaction gestures. 



As a junior designer in the team, I helped the Art Director design the interaction wireframes and high-fi visual mockups.

We did a testing session with our hardware vendor with our Flash app prototype to test the motion tracking performance and accuracy of the camera and touch screen hardware. After the testing, we worked with the developers to adjust the icon details and micro-interactions, such as in-between page transitions and motion tracking feedback(visual and sound). 


Product Release Impact

The system debuted on December 27, 2012 at the San Diego International Auto Show. Three kiosks were built and travelled North America throughout 2013 appearing at various Volkswagen events nationwide.


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